‍Arp, ZEBRA Mexican Summer‍

"Truly cosmic music that defies categorization. ★★★★"
The Guardian Best Albums of the Year

"Fourth World dreamscapes, Japanese environmental ambience and wiggy cosmic riffs . . .  Alexis Georgopoulos’ finest work to date."
The Vinyl Factory
Top 50 Albums of the Year

"A pulsing, eclectic, wonderfully breezy album of ethereal psychedelia... suggest(ing) an attempt to time-travel back to the terrace of Ibiza’s Amnesia discotheque circa 1984, when ECM and krautrock fell into rotatio alongside records by Grace Jones and Wally Badarou. Every song is its own miniature world, yet they all hang together like the stars of a single galaxy." Pitchfork

"9.5/10" DJ

"Magnificent. 9/10" Future Music

"Minimalism at it’s most luxurious." Under The Radar

"This records is absolutely fantastic. I have no words ..." Basso

"A landmark on his musical journey." Ban Ban Ton Ton

"The results are as captivating as they are unique with each track a gem ... a life affirming joy from start to finish." Inverted Audio

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