Arp In LIght (Smalltown Supersound, 2007)

"The sort of thing I hope becomes a trend in electronic music." Pitchfork

Top 20 Underground Albums of The Year

"Shimmering. 9/10" VICE

"Contagious... Cosmic Dream Pop." Anthem

"Enchanting, near-epic pastoral mist." Time Out

"Awesome to behold." The Guardian (SF)

"I went up to Big Sur and saw Arp play at night outside the Henry Miller Library. I had a few sarsparillas and they blew my mind."

"Radiant, sun-dappled warmth. Abundant, profound pleasures." XLR8R

"With possibly the most apt cover of 2007, In Light is warm, tropical, Balearic, analogue synth tones. Imagine Kraftwerk as stoned Angelenos instead of dour Germans." Hustler

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