Arp FRKWYS 3 (RVNG Intl, 2010)

"An exceedingly lovely LP. My favorite kind of minimalism actually, that feels both old and modern, intensely lyrical, with wonderful cyclical patterns born of fleet urgency. Gorgeous." Other Music Top 25 of 2010

"(The) working definition of Modern Classical from two guys who were basically punks." FADER

"Fans of Arthur Russell, Steve Reich and the more pensive, organic end of kosmische music will find much to admire here." FACT

"The tone is both pastoral and celestial, music of nature and music to move heavens. The pair have an uncanny ease that swells with emotion, its calming and then suddenly overwhelming in only the way the best compositions can be."
Raven Sings The Blues

"There's clearly a synergy between these two likeminded souls and the results often reach revelatory high points. From the Reichian cycles of 'Spinette' to the vapourised wafting ambience of 'Piano Waves' this release uses a wide variety of instruments within an equally broad range of twentieth century-inspired compositional tropes to fulfill its potential, with particular high points achieved by the two immensely lovely 'Wild Grass' pieces for strings - one dedicated to Arthur Russell, the other to Robert Wyatt." Boomkat

"The outcome is the most subtly mindblowing trip I have had for a while, it’s all about the gorgeous dissonance, moments of pure sound all the more precious when bracketed in silence, awestruck walks inside the vaults of the cathedral of drone, and quotes to the titans of goodness Arthur Russell and Robert Wyatt."
20 Jazz Funk Greats

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