"The music of Arp, the solo outlet for Brooklyn-based artist Alexis Georgopoulos, is a sound of magical suspension. Psychedelia, jazz, library music, spacey synth textures, minimalism, neoclassical — all are interwoven and sewn up, hung for examination like a spiderweb. In this rich, easy-listening set, Georgopoulos and band go far out and deep in." NPR Top 10 Albums of the Month

"Certainly, with its molten sax, purring marimba and exploratory agenda, ENSEMBLE — LIVE! could well be some freeform ECM release from 1983, and these days slots nicely into all the Fourth World and spiritual jazz playlists alongside Alice Coltrane, Jon Hassell and Midori Takada." Uncut

"Creators making joyful noises. An exercise in communication, a belief in exchange and power in the collective." Ban Ban Ton Ton


Musician Arp takes us on a tour of Sicily landmark Cretto di Burri

The 85,000 sqm landscape artwork is the backdrop for his new record ENSEMBLE—LIVE!

Brooklyn-based creative Alexis Georgopoulos, aka Arp, is a modern magpie: his music weaves fragments of cosmic jazz, classical, Japanese avant-garde and minimalism together – but his influences go beyond sound. For his new live album, Ensemble –Live!, he travelled thousands of miles to the sleepy foothills of Sicily to shoot the record’s artwork in the alleyways of Alberto Burri’s Cretto di Burri.

The Great Cretto, as it’s also known, is considered Burri’s masterpiece, begun in 1984 and completed after his death in 2015. Burri is best known for his abstract paintings but with Cretto di Burri, he transformed the ruins of Gibellina – a 6,000 inhabitant town destroyed by the Belice earthquake of 1968 – into an ethereal artwork by encasing its crumbling corridors, walkways and streets in white concrete.

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