Villa Lena —  Concerto Di Natura    
by Ayumi Paul, Sarah Illenberger & Alexis Georgopoulos
21 Sept 2016

Concerto Di Natura was a site-specific performance and installation at the Art Residency Villa Lena in Tuscany, Italy.

The installation featured numerous sculptures constructed by artist/designer Sarah Illenberger comprised of natural materials gathered on the estate. The performance, which took place in Studio II, comprised of a live violin and voice performance by Ayumi Paul, which was recorded in real time by Georgopoulos, who then created loops of her playing and singing, creating a new sound bed for Paul to react to. These loops were then broadcast out through the sound system, creating a multi-layered soundscape. Taking cues from additive looped analog tape-delay, as the loops would accumulate, the older layers would recede, eventually fading into the background, before, eventually, disappearing entirely. In this, their audio performance created an analog for the sedimentary layers from which Illenberger sourced her sculptural material.

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