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"New Pleasures is the latest album by Arp (aka the talented Alexis Georgopoulos). It's the icy sequel to his bucolic 2018 album ZEBRA but hard to place, exactly, where and when this album happens. Paris in 1980? Los Angeles, yesterday? Somewhere on that crossfade. Today it sounds to me like a svelte 38 minutes of nu-rubber-soul, chromed electro, cosmic-erotic-techjazz, or whatever triple-switch-neologistic-plastic best fits the season's shoe size."

Dan Fox

"Alien overtones are ever present throughout the album, the vintage sounds makes the music feel like an unconsummated vision of the future from the 20th century past."

Resident Advisor Best New Electronic Music

"Alexis Georgopoulos, the electronic musician who records as Arp, sets up a ping-ponging stereo mix of synthesizers to begin the instrumental “Eniko” before its contours emerge: a syncopated 4/4 beat, a hopping bass line, a plinky melody that’s answered by sliding synthesizer tones and programmed drum syncopations. For all the sonic and spatial diversions, the track holds its shape."

The New York Times

“Georgopoulos is superb with minutiae. Little gems reveal themselves in each meticulously recorded track. It feels somehow astral and earthly all at once.”


“It’s a beautiful, absorbing, enigmatic and unique record, so where Arp can take this with the third installment is anyone’s guess. It’s a mouthwatering prospect, for sure. But in the meantime, as a stand-alone album, New Pleasures might just be Georgopoulos’ masterpiece.”

Electronic Sound

"Balearic analogue glory… the kind of album you'd hope Grace Jones was listening to padding around her Ibiza villa in 1983. 'Le Palace" is moody and magnificent while 'Sponge (for Miyake)' is a cosmic jam for the ages. This album is one to seek out and play repeatedly. Just try prying it from your earbuds this summer!"

DJ Mag

“Mercurial art-pop dotted with contrary pulses and unexpected detours.️ ★★★★"


"The album appears to be all about movement, and the standouts are perhaps those tracks that shake some significant leg."

Ban Ban Ton Ton

"A vivid, deconstructed take on high-definition pop and ethereal psychedelia."


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